WASP-HS round table

  ·   Oct 14, 2022

On the 13th of October, WASP/WARA Media and Language and WASP-HS arranged a community reference meeting (CRM) on the theme AI and Media.

The CRM took the form of a series of roundtable discussions, distributed over three sites: Umeå, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. Johanna Björklund acted as co-chair at the table on move production at the Stockholm site, i.e., the EA Games offices, where also Adrian Andreasson took part. The discussions largely focused on trust, scale, and economy. Chris Grenö participated in the discussions on AI for gaming, and these touched upon, among other things, contextual advertising in games.

Mona Forsman joined the AI and Politics table as co-chair. There were interesting discussions regarding the political forces driving AI research and applications, how AI can be used within politics and how society is affected on a political level by AI-driven algorithms.

A report from all the round tables will be published by WASP-HS in November.

The image above was generated using the AI powered tool Dall-e 2.

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