Adlede becomes Aeterna Labs

Two years ago, we covered Sweden and Denmark. Since then, we've devoted substantial effort to enhancing our system's scalability, streamlining calculations, establishing partnerships with publishers, and broadening language support. In celebration of these accomplishments, we are proud to unveil our new brand identity: Aeterna Labs. This fresh name embodies our steadfast dedication to information processing and ethical advertising.

While this name may be new to the public, it has been in use internally for our ongoing scale-up initiative. As this project is still in progress, we are now eager to introduce the name to the world. Our services are currently available in English (UK, Ireland, Australia), German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), French (France, Switzerland), Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, as well as Swedish and Danish.

Welcome to our new website at The old Adlede site is still available here for some time to come.