Free news segment in support of Ukraine

  ·   Mar 15, 2022

The developments in Ukraine are intimidating, but it is of vital importance that journalists continue to cover the war, even though this comes at personal risk and significant economic expense. Thanks to their reporting, we can follow the situation as it develops and respond accordingly.


What many don’t know is that publishers often have a harder time attracting advertisers to articles about serious topics, as these are often viewed as unsafe from a brand perspective. This is in our opinion a pity, as high-quality news is a necessity for the functioning of democratic societies.

On the brighter side, we are seeing an unprecedented willingness among European citizens to support the people of Ukraine, and help organisations are doing their best to direct their efforts where they are needed most. To support journalists covering Ukraine and make it easier for help organisations to reach out, Adlede is offering a Ukraine news segment for contextual ad placement at major news sites. The targeting is free for non-profit and humanitarian organisations supporting Ukraine. We are active in the major DSPs and can either share the segment with you, or set up a deal for you. Contact us at if this is relevant for your organisation!

Example of an ad placement based on our Ukraine segment.

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