Adlede among 18 Startups Selected for IKEA Bootcamp 2019

  ·   Mar 25, 2019

After a selection process involving 1100 applications from 62 countries, Adlede was one of 18 startups accepted to join IKEA’s Bootcamp program for 2019.

The intention of the scheme, in IKEA’s own words is:

“to find startups that not only share the IKEA vision but can innovate around solving three challenges connected to the IKEA direction; affordability for the many people, connecting with and being accessible for people across the world, and enabling a positive impact on the planet, people and society.”

Notably, Adlede is the only business in the advertising sector chosen to take part. Adlede CEO Christopher Grenö commented: “At Adlede, we like to think ours is a different approach to ad tech. Even though we use algorithms and machine learning much like the rest of the market, our focus with those tools is more distinct. Where most businesses focus on targeting the ‘who’, our interest is not in personal targeting, but context – or ‘where’.”

“It’s great to be recognised alongside such brilliant startups, and we look forward to working closely with IKEA in future.”

The full list of those selected can be found here – and includes such diverse entries as:

“Throughout the process we have discovered so many talented entrepreneurs from all over the world working on important solutions, both for IKEA and society. We have seen a trend of startups that are focusing on customer experience and solutions around accessibility. We have also seen a lot of startups within sustainability and circular movements that can make a big change for the world”, says Michelle Hart, IKEA Bootcamp Programme Director from Rainmaking.

IKEA announced the second edition of Bootcamp in November last year, with a world tour and an application site. The program itself will take place in Älmhult, starting at the end of March.

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