Make your ad campaigns stand apart with the power of context

Adlede’s algorithms allow you to continually optimise campaigns towards the right contexts in real-time. Our advertising solutions follow IAB industry standards, so can easily plug into the DSP, SSP or other ad technology platforms you are already using. 


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From words to Multimedia Context

For some, context just means words, and placing pages into boxes labelled with pre-set keywords. For Adlede, our self-learning models understand not only text, but also images and video. In a world where multimedia is now routine, that means a formula for contextual targeting that is truly up to date. 

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Contextual 2.0

Targeting by page, property or content type has been around since before the internet. We even saw it in the early days of print and TV advertising. But Adlede takes contextual a long way further, combining the best in multi-dimensional, live content classification with machine learning. 

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Programmatic Plug & Play

Much has been made of the ‘automated’ side of programmatic, but that doesn’t always make it user friendly. Adlede’s UI is genuinely intuitive, and plugs in seamlessly, to enhance your existing setup, whatever that looks like.

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