When brand Safety Means True peace of mind

In order to deliver true protection for your brand, the first port of call is a full, accurate understanding of the places where your message is delivered. Adlede’s smart contextual tools help you understand the ad environment, down to a URL level. Instead of being reactive, our solution works on a pre-bid basis, allowing you to avoid misplacements before they occur. 



Standardized Safety

No matter what brand you represent, contexts involving certain themes or events are rarely a good match. To combat this challenge, Adlede has developed standardized safety features, based on machine learning, that avoid a predefined set of negative contexts.


Customized Safety

While the standardized solution does most of the work, some unwanted contexts may be specific to your company’s messaging. To give you complete peace of mind, our brand safety service also offers complete flexibility. Those contexts specific to you can also be automatically expanded, optimized and reinforced. 


Pre-bid Filtering

To optimize efficiency and protection, we filter for contexts pre-bid, meaning before the  real-time bidding auction takes place. In this way, we minimize the risk of unsafe or ill-matching contexts being associated with your brand.

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