How we get from context to actual meaning

In the digital advertising industry, segmentation of content is probably as old as the industry itself. Most buyers and sellers are familiar with segmenting by IAB categories and keywords. However, Adlede goes a distance further, understanding not just individual words and phrases – but expanding that knowledge through the language around them.


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From Context to Meaning

Was that Apple the fruit, or the company? Turkey the bird, or the country? With advanced natural language processing models, terms are automatically considered alongside what surrounds them. That means more accurate understanding, and higher likelihood to drive return on ad spend. 

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Contextual Optimization

As the wealth of semantic data draws hundreds of relevant contexts for every campaign, we optimize to the best for each specific moment, in real-time. Optimization can be done on the basis of brand uplift, CTR or conversion.

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Powered by Machine Learning

At the heart of our natural language processing systems is machine learning. Algorithms continuously monitor and optimise around contexts that continually evolve. And this enables real-time optimization of your campaign in all of the right places.

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